CO2EXIDE – Technology

The biogenic off gas CO2 from a biogas plant acts as a carbon source for the project. The CO2 will be captured, purified and stored as it is routine throughout biomethane production (AXIOM). The captured CO2 will then be fed into an electrochemical reactor, which is based on PEM-Cell design (Siemens, SG). The cathodic half-cell will be fed with CO2 and catalyst containing gas diffusion layers will reduce CO2 to produce ethylene (AGH, ISSP, SOTON, BME). The anodic feed consists of an aqueous electrolyte as feedstock for the direct oxidation of water to hydrogen peroxide (SOTON, Fraunhofer, BME). Ethylene will be separated from the other cathodic products (H2, CO, CH4) for safety reasons, to avoid a mixture of H2 and O2 in the subsequent chemical conversion step. (AXIOM, Siemens). The produced ethylene and hydrogen peroxide will finally be fed into a chemical cascade reactor and converted into ethylene oxide and different polyethylene glycols (Fraunhofer).


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